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As the leading advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, NRA membership is a sure way to stay at the forefront of professions in rehabilitation from the latest educational seminars offering CEU’s for many certifications, information-packed publications and specialty professional divisions, to low-cost insurance. 

NRA membership will keep you in touch with cutting-edge programs, publications and seminars focusing on ethical and enlightened practice in rehabilitation. Boost support of disability, vocational and rehabilitation policies, and advance your professional growth with instant access to a vast network of publications, educational programs and rehabilitation professionals.

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Membership Level

Description Cost
Eligible for all benefits of membership in the Association including voting privileges, copies of Contemporary Rehab and the Journal of Rehabilitation, Division Membership, may hold elected office at any level of the Association, and is represented in the NRA delegate assembly.
Available to full time students with student schedule verification; is eligible for all the benefits of Professional Membership.
New Professional
Available to recent graduates who were Student members of NRA the previous year; available for one single year period; is eligible for all the benefits of Professional Membership.
Available to non-credentialed support/technical staff or retirees (professional or non-professional); is eligible for voting privileges, copes of Contemporary Rehab, Division Membership, may hold office at the local, state or regional level, and is represented in the NRA delegate assembly.
Available to facility director/CEO and 4 designated employees; CEO and 4 designees are eligible for all the benefits of the Professional member category.

 Top 10 reasons to Join NRA

1. Affordable, multiple, and varied opportunities to earn continuing education credits.

2. Networking with other professionals toward “best practices” in the professions.
    · Opportunity for membership in Professional and Special Interest Divisions

3. Leadership development and skill building:
    · Join a committee.
    · Seek leadership roles on the local, state, regional or national level.
    · Present at the state, regional, and national conferences.
    · Publish in the Journal of Rehabilitation.
    · Be recognized through the NRA Awards program.
    · Be a mentor or be a mentee.

4. A Governmental Affairs Program that provides current and accurate advocacy and
    legislative updates relating to rehabilitation.

5. The Journal of Rehabilitation – a Quarterly Journal.
    · Internationally acclaimed scholarly journal providing cutting edge rehabilitation research.

6. The Contemporary Rehab – a Bi-monthly Newsletter.
    · The Association’s newsletter, filled with timely rehabilitation information,
      and important Division and general membership news.

7. The perception by public and private employers, non-profits organizations, insurers,
    and the general public of NRA membership as a mark of excellence.

8. Participation in community service activities that build good will toward the
    rehabilitation professions as a whole.

9. Access to websites on the local and national level with current rehabilitation information.
    · Regular E-mail notifications and announcements.

10. Access to discounted health and professional liability insurance policies.