NRA Award Recipients'

Congrats to all the NRA Award Recipients'

Dr. Sylvia Walker Multicultural Award
2011-Ted M. Daniels, Ph.D. 
2012-Tennyson J. Wright 
2013-Dr. Stacia Robertson 
2014-Cozetta D. Shannon, Ph.D., CRC 
2015-Dr. Pitt 
2016-Sharon Brown, Ph.D

E. B. Whitten Silver Medallion Award
2011-Ted M. Daniels, Ph.D. 

NRA Chapter of the Year Award
2011-Rehabilitation Association of Mississippi (RAM)
2011-Inland Empire Chapter 
2012-Wisconsin Rehabilitation Association (WRA) 
2013-Ohio Rehabilitation Association (ORA) 
2014-Missouri Rehabilitation Association (MRA) 
2015-Virginia Rehabilitation Association (VRA) 
2016-, Maryland Rehabilitation Association
2017-Minnesota Rehabilitation Association

 Organizational Award
2012-St. Antohony’s Hospital 
2013-Hyatt Hotels and Resorts 
2014-Winnebago Industries Gary McCarthy, Production Supervisor 
2014-Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit 
2015-Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health 
2016- The GROW GROUP
2017- CASS Incorporated

W. F. Faulkes Award
2012-Sierra Group Inc., Janet D. Fiore, CEO 
2013-R. Eugene Oulvey 
2014-David H. Dean, Ph,.D. 

Excellence in Media Award
2012-West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry Foundation
2014-Employment Leadership Award Committee 
2016- Michael Shahnasarian, Ph.D.
Yvonne Johnson National Leadership Award
2012-Patricia J. Murphy 
2013-Doris Illies 
2014-Steve Autrey 
2015-Diane DeGroot 
2016-Pat Bienfang
2017-Ellen Sokolowski

NRA Editor’s Choice Award
2013-Dr. Deidre O'Sullivan 
2014-Christopher Murray, Ph.D. (2014)
2015-Marjorie Olney, Deborah Emory-Flores, Charles Compton, Reyna Zuniga, Mark Tucker,  Journal of Rehabilitation 
          It Takes a Village:  Influences on Former SSI/DI Beneficiaries Who Transition to Employment
          Linda Barrington, Susanne Bruyere, and Margaret Waelder,  Rehabilitation Research, Policy, & Education, 
2015-Employer Practices in Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities:  A Transdisciplinary and Employer-Inclusive Research Approach
2016-Dr. Glenn Fujiara
2017-Dr. Ellen Fabian

Belle Greve Memorial Award
2014-Margaret M. Casteel, MS, LPC, CCTP 
2015-Tiffany Yi 
2016-Mr. Devin O'Connor
2017-Rick Sizemore

Max T. Prince Meritorious Service Award
2012-Ellen Sokolowski 
2014-Pamela Schleif 
2015-Terri Hylton 
2016-Kim Nortz 
2017-Marilyn Padgett   

Small Employer of the Year
2016-Musee Bath
2017-Pizza Ranch

Large Employer of the Year
2016-Plastic Professionals, a subsidiary of Owner Revolution
2017-Enterprise Holdings