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This is your opportunity to become published. Dr. Parent-Johnson, Editor of the Journal is also a great mentor that will provide the guidance you may need.  She can be reached at or 605 357-1468. The Journal is looking for reviews 1-4 pages in length and need to include the author’s or authors’ names, publisher, year of publication and list price.


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The National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) is a nonpartisan organization and will never condone the use of disparaging language that is derogatory toward persons with disabilities. Any comments made by public officials or private citizens should be respectful toward others. The recent and highly visible use of “crazy” and “psycho” to describe another human being is both offensive and carries negative connotations toward people with disabilities including individuals with mental illness. The NRA strongly recommends that we use this unfortunate incident to enter into a healthy discourse on the topic of living with a disability.

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Call for Manuscripts: Special Issue of the Journal of Rehabilitation

Dr. Wendy Parent-Johnson of the University of South Dakota, the editor of the Journal of Rehabilitation, the official journal of the National Rehabilitation Association, is disseminating a Call for Submissions for a Special Issue of the journal entitled, “Family Caregiving and Adjustment: A Multicultural Perspective.”  Dr. Charles Edmund Degeneffe of San Diego State University, Dr. Eun-Jeong Lee of the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Dr. Gloria K. Lee of Michigan State University will serve as Guest Editors.  The special issue of the Journal of Rehabilitation will be published in Spring 2018.

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Our New Mission and Vision Statement

Mission: To provide exemplary leadership through social advocacy and legislation, advance cultural awareness and competence across communities, promote excellence in research and practice, and support professionals engaged in the employment and independence of individuals with disabilities.

Vision and Values: The NRA is committed to advancing the professional practices of rehabilitation driven by culturally-competent, ethical, evidence-based and accountable practices so that individuals with disabilities would be regarded and valued as full members of our society. These individuals deserve equal access, expression of choice, and security of freedom within our communities when engaging in all aspects of life.

The NRA draws strength from the unique training, education, and credentialing of our diverse membership that believes excellence and outcomes are achieved by upholding the utmost importance of continuous learning, and professional and personal enrichment.

The NRA values collaborative partnerships and relationships.  Our membership reflects the importance placed on integrity, respect, transparency, accountability, and collaboration across the full spectrum of the rehabilitation profession.


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