National Rehabilitation Association of Job Placement and Development (JPD)


Mission of NRAJPD:

To advance employment for all persons with disabilities through the identification and dissemination of information
To enhance the skills of job placement professionals and vocational rehabilitation counselors
To promote the improvement of career and job placement opportunities for persons with disabilities
To cooperate with other organizations and professions who share the goal of maximizing the potential of persons with disabilities

What is NRAJPD? 

The Association is one of the largest divisions of the National Rehabilitation Association, serving individuals and organizations whose efforts are directed toward career development and employment of persons with disabilities.

NRAJPD seeks to enhance these efforts by:

Exchanging ideas
Increasing understanding
Identifying goals
Cooperative action
These efforts are approached on a nationwide basis by a strong and growing NRAJPD national, regional and state networks. Membership Eligibility Membership is open to any person or group who is member of the National Rehabilitation Association and is interested in enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities who are involved in the job placement process.Rediscover the passion in our profession
Strengthen the image of the rehabilitation counselor
Communicate, communicate, and communicate with membership
Get involved with professional activities

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Links and Resources

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Board Representative

The NRA Board of Director Representative is:

Doris Illies

Term Expires: 12/2015
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