National Association of Disability Benefits Specialists (NADBS)

" Promoting Individual Choice and Enhancing Social and Economic Independence" 

Our Mission: 

To increase public understanding of the social and economic gain of individuals and communities through empowerment of persons with disabilities to become self-sufficient, self-supporting, and contributing members of the community. NADBS will also:

Help to develop a specific body of knowledge and skills in this field
Work to disseminate new information
Encourage and stimulate pragmatic research and enlightened inquiry
Promote student learning and development in the field!
To advance employment for all persons with disabilities through the identification and dissemination of information
To enhance the skills of job placement professionals and vocational rehabilitation counselors
To promote the improvement of career and job placement opportunities for persons with disabilities
To cooperate with other organizations and professions who share the goal of maximizing the potential of persons with disabilities

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NADBS Board of Directors 

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The NRA Board of Director Representative is:

Sara Johnston

Term Expires: 12/2015