Yvette D. Hester

Students are our future, and we are truly fortunate to have so many talented and committed student leaders. Here is a little about Yvette:
Yvette Hester is currently a first-year student in the master's of Rehabilitation Counseling program at Alabama State University. This year Ms. Hester will be serving as our Student representative to the NRA Board. Upon completing her master's degree, Ms. Hester hopes to aid in rehabilitation and reintegration efforts within prisons as well as serve in other Rehabilitation Counseling capacities.

In addition to her educational pursuits, Ms. Hester enjoys spending her time helping youth and contributing to greater causes. She currently serves as a youth coalition advisor, a board member of the SKIP (Saving Kids with Incarcerated Parents) organization, a member of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, and serves as program coordinator with the Council on Substance Abuse-NCADD(COSA-NCADD) in Montgomery, Alabama. While working at COSA-NCADD, Ms. Hester is a behavioral health prevention specialist teaching substance abuse education to youth and adults. She works with persons with disabilities, LGBTQ populations and persons in recovery.

Ms. Hester also enjoys reading, playing instruments, and volunteering.
Upon embarking on her academic career at Alabama State University, Ms. Hester was introduced to the Rehabilitation Studies department where she has had the opportunity to excel in not only academics, but she also had the opportunity to impact her school, community, and the state of Alabama. As an undergraduate and a graduate student, Ms. Hester served in the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Disability Service where she worked to assist students with disabilities. She was also selected to serve as a Student Worker/Program Coordinator on the Garret Lee Smith Suicide and Prevention Awareness Project where she excelled as a leader when she hosted events, trainings, presentations and educational programs on suicide and mental illness. These events were televised and public community figures such as Congresswoman Tabitha Isner were in attendance. Ms. Hester expressed that these moments were some of the proudest moments of her life.

Ms. Hester stated, "I joined the NRA to gain more knowledge and experience within the field of Rehabilitation overall. I think it is amazing to share common interest with likeminded individuals who want and express through action the need to help others. I believe that this association is the tool needed to expand as a rehabilitation professional. I am 24 years of age with so much to learn and the willingness to give my knowledge and experience to others. The advice I would give to someone who is interested in the field of rehabilitation is to always have passion in your performance. Our work impacts others in ways that are both rewarding and fulfilling. It is best to struggle to the peak of excellence rather than mellow in the valley of mediocrity".

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