National Rehabilitation Association delegate vote. Retiree category

National Rehabilitation Association

Delegate Vote


    Thank you for agreeing to serve as a National Rehabilitation Association Delegates.

Last year at the NRA annual conference in Corpus Christi we didn’t have a quorum so we need to go

back to the vote which took place there from a recommendation of the membership committee. There

was a motion and a second from the floor and a vote of which there was no opposition.

So, for NRA to move forward on this recommendation we need you to respond.

The motion read as follows: Level 6: Retiree – available to a person who has retired (full term career)

from work and/or business: is eligible for voting privileges, electronic copy of contemporary Rehab,

Division Membership, may hold office at the local, state or regional level. The membership fee was set

at $75.

Please indicate either Yay for approval, Nay for opposition or Abstain

We are asking that you return your vote before July 31 st , 2018.

Thank you