Invitation to Present:

The National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) invites your participation in the 2018 Annual Training Conference, to be held at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, OK. Pre-conference activities are being planned on October 11, 2018. Watch for more information on these and fees.

The theme of the 2018 NRA Annual Training Conference is “Creating the Extraordinary in a Time of Change.” All interested individuals, facilities, agencies and organizations, including NRA members and non-members, are invited to submit proposals for concurrent session presentations.

The NRA Program Committee will review and select submissions that consider proposals’ contributions to a well- balanced program of interest to the members of the NRA, who represent public and private rehabilitation agencies, community rehabilitation programs, hospitals, schools, employers and other organizations serving the employment needs of individuals with disabilities. Examples of proposal topics include (but are not limited to):

⇒ Leadership Development ⇒ Career Development ⇒ Assessment / Vocational Evaluation ⇒ Rehabilitation Partnerships / Collaborations ⇒ Policies / Legislative Updates ⇒ Pre-Employment Training Services ⇒ Diversity and Cultural Considerations ⇒ Workforce Investment Opportunities Act (WIOA) ⇒ Assistive Technology ⇒ Employment Strategies / Return to Work ⇒ Counseling Techniques/Theories ⇒ School to Work Transition Services ⇒ Evidence-Based Practices ⇒ Emerging Trends in Rehabilitation ⇒ Veterans/Wounded Warriors ⇒ Forensic Rehabilitation / Expert Witness ⇒ Services for Disability Specific Populations (SA, SMI, ID/DD, for example) ⇒ Ethics** ⇒ Poster Sessions (Requires separate proposal form)

2018 National Rehabilitation Association Annual Training Conference Hosted by the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Association October 11-14, 2018, at the Sheraton Hotel in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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**Ethics presentations based on the CRC Code of Ethics should reflect the Code by giving the specific area of Code being addressed and must include discussion of the Code in the presentation.

Concurrent sessions will be offered in 1 hour and 1.5 hour increments. Proposals should specify preferred duration. All concurrent sessions will be set up theater or classroom style with a podium, LCD and a screen. Any other individual AV needs are the responsibility of the presenter. Please be sure to accurately complete the AV Request included in the Call for Proposals. Sponsored speakers may want to contact their Chapters or Divisions regarding financial support for additional AV needs.

Selected presenters are responsible for all lodging, travel, additional audiovisual equipment rental, and per diem costs associated with their participation in the conference. Presenters who do not register for the conference are invited to attend other conference sessions at no cost on the day of their presentation only, but will not be eligible for continuing education credits for those sessions. Selected presenters who choose to participate in the entire conference will be eligible for a 10% discount on registration and will also receive CEUs for sessions attended.

Review Criteria for Proposals:

⇒ Overall quality; ⇒ Relevance to the field of rehabilitation; ⇒ Well-defined focus that can be presented in a 1.0 hour, 1.5 hour, or Poster format; ⇒ Practical application of idea presented; ⇒ Originality and timeliness of idea; ⇒ Ethics presentations based on the CRC Code of Ethics should so indicated.


⇒ Notification of proposal inclusion will be provided to the primary presenter by May 1, 2018.

Instructions for Proposal Submission:

⇒ Please use the Call for Proposals form or an exact duplicate; ⇒ Please assure all information is clearly legible; ⇒ Submit your proposal by email: [email protected] by April 20, 2018. ⇒ Application must be complete; do not exceed the space provided; ⇒ Include a one-page resume or vita for each presenter.

More information on the conference can be found at

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The National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) along with the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Association is pleased to announce our 2018 national conference to be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on October 11-14, 2018. Via this call, NRA invites submissions of proposals for poster presentations only.

Review and Notification The deadline for submitting proposals for the 2018 training conference is April 20, 2018. The committee will select proposals and notify prospective lead presenters by May 1, 2018.

Content Areas of Presentation The committee seeks proposals that address the conference theme “Creating the Extraordinary in a Time of Change.” This year’s theme coincides with our efforts to focus on the changing times in the field of rehabilitation. We must continue to find innovative methods for delivering quality services to persons with disabilities in the face of many economic and political barriers. Our charge is to persist in our agenda of ensuring that all persons with disabilities will have equality in services, interventions and policy. Proposals reflecting collaboration between practitioners, researchers and/or educators are encouraged.

Proposals will be accepted for poster presentations only.

To submit a proposal, prepare a document in a rich text format (MS Word) or portable document format (.pdf) using the following outline and submit the document as an attachment in an e-mail to the conference program committee. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Proposals should be sent to [email protected] Please place “NRA 2018 Student Proposal” in the subject line of your email. The outline must be followed and all information must be provided as requested.

Proposal Format All proposals must be submitted as an e-mail attachment. The attachment must be in rich text format (.rtf) or portable document format (.pdf). Submitted proposals should utilize the last name of the lead presenter as the filename. Presenters who submit more than one proposal should number each proposal sequentially after their last name (i.e., smith1.rtf, smith2.rtf). Presenters who wish to withdraw or modify a submitted proposal should request that the file name be withdrawn.

Submissions should be in 12 point – Times New Roman font. Please limit your submissions to the information requested in the call for proposals, as additional attachments or appendices will not be reviewed.

The format of the proposal must include: (1) Title, (2) Abstract, (3) Learning Objectives, (4) Lead Presenter & Co- Presenter, (5) Program Guide Summary, and (6) Audiovisual Equipment Request.

Title Limit to 80 characters, including punctuation marks and spaces. Proposal titles should be simple and factual.

Abstract Length of content description should not exceed 150 words for the concurrent sessions and symposia and 100 words for poster sessions.

Be as concise as possible and describe:

a) Learning objectives; b) Educational content.

Presentation Formats Poster Session provides the opportunity for individuals to present a paper, project, or initiative in the format of a poster fair. Presenters and attendees engage in extended discussions regarding their presentation that is in illustrated format on a poster board. CEUs will be submitted for attendance at the poster session.

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Lead Presenter and Contact Person The lead presenter is also the contact person and the chair of the program. Lead presenter is responsible for notifying all other co-presenter(s) of acceptance, rejection, scheduling and any other information provided by NRA.

List credentials and contact information for the lead presenter, including work affiliation, primary mailing address, daytime and evening telephone numbers, and fax number. An e-mail address is required. In a brief paragraph, give the lead presenter’s qualifications. Please list degree(s), areas of specialization, current position and employer.

Co-Presenter(s) List all co-presenters by name providing credentials, primary mailing address, daytime and evening telephone numbers, fax number, and e-mail address at the time of proposal submission. No more than four (4) presenters per session, including the lead presenter, will be listed.

Availability of Presenters Submission of this proposal is an acknowledgement that persons submitting proposals agree to:

Be available to present the program on any day of the conference; Pay the registration fee to attend the conference one month prior to the conference; Make presentation materials and activities accessible to participants who have sensory, mobility, or other


All persons planning to present at the conference MUST pay conference registration fees or your presentations will be cancelled.

Conference Program Guide Descriptive Summary: In 50 words or less, describe your presentation. Include only the key points and benefits to attendees. Please note that only the first 50 words will be printed and will represent your session in the conference program.

Poster session presenters will be provided push pins and a table or easle to present their poster. Poster presenters should plan accordingly.

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