About Us:

National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns

Our History

When the “Council” was formed in 1969 as a voice within NRA, the National Association of Non-White Rehabilitation Workers (NANWRW) was formed as a separate non for profit association independent of NRA. NANWRW, was an advocate for issues and programs that were of concern to non white members and non white persons with disabilities. The “Council” and NANWRW advocated both inside and outside of NRA and were effective in increasing the representation of non white persons in the rehabilitation community.

The impact of the “Council” and its leaders may be seen in increased participation of non-whites in the RSA & NIDRR peer review process, advocacy for establishment of Section 21 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the establishment of an R & T Center at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Prior to the establishment of the National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns (NAMRC), the “Council” also hosted luncheons, receptions and separate training at the annual NRA conference for its members. NANWRW representation on CORE was subsequently given to NAMRC through a special partnership.

Today, NAMRC has representation on the Commission on Rehabilitation Counseling Certification, CORE Commission on Standards and Accreditation for Undergraduates, and CORE Commission on Standards and Accreditation for Graduates. NAMRC also took a leadership role in the formation of the NCRE Council on Diversity and Equity, and has been an active partner in inter-organizational planning groups such as the CORE Summit and Rehabilitation Mega Conference and other organizations essential to the profession of rehabilitation.

Board Members


L'Tanya Fish, MS, CRC, LP 


Michell Temple, EdD

President Elect

Robin Washington, PhD, PT, CRC

                    Immediate Past President 

Keisha Rogers, PhD, CRC, LCAS, LPC



Felicia Hunter


Alexis Duggan

Student Representative

         Deanna Henderson, PhD, LPC, NCC, CRC   

            Representative to the NRA Board 

  Robin Dock, PhD, LPC, LPCS, ACS, CRC  

 Board Member

 Rachita Sharma, PhD, CRC, LPC-S  

Board member 

  Hattie McCarter, MRC

Board member at Large

  Katavia Sloan, CRC, LPC

Board member at Large

Dennis Bunton, PhD, NCC, LPC  

Board Member

  L’Tanya Fish  

Board Member

Andre Washington,  PhD , CRC

Board member at Larg

 Christiaan Kier, PhD Candidate, CRC  

Board member at Large


 Division Representative 

DeAnna Henderson