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 NASPPR is the National Association of Service Providers in Private Rehabilitation.  NASPPR welcomes all professionals in both nonprofit and for-profit rehabilitation.  NASPPR’s mission is to share knowledge, enhance advocacy, and promote the utmost quality in rehabilitation services from medical treatment to job placement in the private sector. 

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Why is NASPPR important?  NASPPR provides a private sector voice on the national NRA board.  NASPPR provides representation for members on issues relevant to those in the private sector and way for private sector rehabilitation providers to interact and share information important to their profession.

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Our Board 


Ken Andersen MS, CRC, LVRC, NCC, PVE

[email protected]

Phone: 385-351-8439


Britny Polasek-Hovde MS, CRC

[email protected]

Phone: 763-560-8680 ext: 1500


Laura Hokeness MS, CRC,CVE

[email protected]

Phone: 763-560-8680 ext: 1600


NASPPR Rep. to the NRA Board 


Kim Nortz MRC, LVRC, CRC

[email protected]

Phone: 385-351-8093


Board Member 

Andrew Nay PhD, CRC, CCMS, CDMS

[email protected]

Board Member

Susan Sprayberry M.Ed, CRC

[email protected]

Phone: 334-714-5288

Board Member 

Lebogang Tiro  MeD, MS, CRC

[email protected]