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    To all Previous Award Winners 

    "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” – T.S. Eliot

          Past Award Winners

          2017 Award Recipients 

          Dr. Ellen Fabian, NRA Editor’s Research Choice Award

          Pizza Ranch, Employer of the Year – Small Business

          Enterprise Holdings, Employer of the Year – Large Business

          CASS Incorporated, NRA Organizational Award

          Minnesota Rehabilitation Association, NRA Chapter of the Year

          Rick Sizemore, Belle Greve Memorial Award

          Marilyn Padgett, NRA Max T. Prince Meritorious Service Award

          Ellen Sokolowski, Yvonne Johnson National Leadership Award.

          2016 Award Recipients

          Michael Shahnasarian, Ph.D., Excellence in                                  Media

             Dr. Glenn Fujiara, Editor's Choice Award

             Mr. Devin O'Connor, Belle Greve Award

          The GROW GROUP, Organizational Award

          Sharon Brown, Ph.D., Sylvia Walker Award

                          Maryland Rehabilitation                              Association, Chapter of the Year

          Musee Bath, Small Employer of the Year

              Plastic Professionals, a subsidiary of Owner Revolution, Large Employer of the                                      Year

          Kim Nortz, Max T Prince Award

           Pat Bienfang, The Yvonne Johnson Leadership Award

          2015 Award Recipients  

          Dianne DeGroot, Yvonne Johnson Award

          Dr. Terrie Hylton, Max T. Prince Award

          Dr. Jennelle Pitt, Sylvia Walker Award

          Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services, Organizational Award

          Tiffany Yu, Belle Greve Award

          Playhouse Square, Excellence in Media Award

          Virginia Rehabilitation Association, Chapter of the Year

          Dr Linda Barrington, Dr. Susanne Marie Bruyere, Dr. Marjorie Olney, Editor's Choice Award